The Bio-Industries and Pharmacy unit is responsible for developing business in relation to Diagnostics, Drugs, and Devices within the pharmaceutical, bio-technology, and health technology companies.  Also with associations, corporations, or agencies that are related to them.   




Companies that investigate, develop, market, and distribute diagnostic systems in vitro or other systems that support the diagnosis (Ultrasounds, MRI, CT, PET, etc.) in the different areas of health system services.




Companies that research, develop, and market medicines of various types to be used directly by patients or in care centers.


Companies that distribute medicine to the pharmaceutical offices or to logistic operators that gives support to distributors or the pharmaceutical companies. 


Pharmacy Offices and Hospital Pharmacy Services

Associations and companies that develop knowledge about medications or pharmaceutical practice.




Companies that research, develop, market, and distribute different types of products for the care of patients. 


The confluence of the basic technology of Bio-technology, Nano-technology, and Info-Bio-Technology provide great opportunities for the development of health industries that are in the process of reshaping their business models. In the “Point of Care”  we place the Pharmacy and Hospital Pharmacy Services.


Our service offering is aimed at health industries through 6 service blocks supported by a network of alliances and the constant generation of knowledge.



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