Hospital Management in Times of Crisis: the Contribution of ICT (Madrid)

The information and communication technologies (ICT) in recent years have been in the forefront of public policies aimed at improving the efficiency of the health sector, offering tools for planners, professionals, patients, and users of the health system.

The investment that Spanish health institutions have made in ICT have been very significant while stressing that its value has not decreased relative to the current economic crisis. This investment has been very focused on updating the infrastructure and basic software for the functioning of the institutions. So now the questions arise; What to do now? How can information technologies contribute to the current and future risks of the health system? How can they help the different stakeholders?

The Antares Consulting team is pleased to invite you to the day of "Hospital Management in a Time of Crisis: the Contribution of ICT" to be held in Madrid on February 3rd at the Hotel Novotel Campo de las Naciones.

The goal of the conference is to share successful experiences in the application of Information and Communication Technologies in the health sector around three axis of reflection:

  • ICT as a driver for organizational improvement of health system institutions.
  • ICT as an enhancer in the role of patients and users of the health system.
  • ICT as a central element for the management of chronic patients.

The scheduled presentations will emphasize the clinical elements of management and organization in relation to ICT, targeted at managers and directors of hospital organizations and health service managers.

You can find a detailed program of the day with the planned presentations and the registration form at the following link:

Program and Registration form 

Feel free to forward this invitation to any person on your team who might be interested in attending.


Waiting to greet you on the day of celebration. Best Regards.

Eduard Portella
Antares Consulting



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