Antares Consulting, an International Spanish Business, Involved in the Largest Imaging project for Brazil

Barcelona, May 3, 2012.-  Antares Consulting, after winning the contest launched by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), belonging to the World Bank and in collaboration with the Secretaría de Saúde do Estado de Bahía and the Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES) has initiated the project which is the second public-private (PPP) collaboration of the health sector in the state of Bahia (Brazil). 

This project aims to adivse the Secretaría de Saúde do Estado de Bahía and the IFC in the design, modeling, and structuring of a public-private (PPP) collaboration model that interacts, modernizes, and comprehensively manages diagnostic services for imaging and telemedicine in 40 public hospitals of the State of Bahia, also providing the necessary technical support during the bidding process and implementation of the model.

Thus, Antares Consulting, who entered the Brazilian market in January 2011 participates in this project and in the words of the Secretary of Saúde, Jorge Solla, “this is the largest imaging project for Brazil”. Not only by the large volume of centers involved, but also by the scope of the project as it involves the definition of all elements of the collaborative model, including the power of the private partner and the resources (physical, human, and financial) needed.

The state of Bahia has a population of around 13 million inhabitants and is the fifth largest state of Brazil in terms of territory, covering an area slightly larger than Spain. This project will connect the 40 public hospitals of Bahia and modernize the radiology services of the health units of the state with the creation of an information center in Salvador.

According to Eduard Portella, President of Antares Consulting, “participation in this landmark project is just the first step to becoming the leading agent for the structuring of PPP models in the health sector, not only in the state of Bahia but in the entire country”.

With this project, Brazil joins the ever increasing list of countries seeking collaborations of this Spanish company to develop such public-private collaboration projects.

In addition, Antares Consulting will also collaborate with the Secretaría de Saúde del Estado de Bahía in the design of a master plan for information systems and communication technologies for the public hospital network and the corporate services of the Secretaría de Saúde. Within this project, they will analyze and define the requirements of the Hospital Information System (HIS), the infrastructures, security policies, and management to ensure the management of clinical information of patients and the relationship with the radiological images. The will also define the implementation plan and discuss the financing arrangements.

This master plan is to define the medium-term strategic view of information systems and technologies as well as design and plan the implementation strategies.


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