Vanessa Asenjo joined Antares Consulting and is responsible for Patient Safety and TPSC Cloud

Barcelona, June 13, 2012.-  Antares Consulting has announced the addition of Vanessa Asenjo who is responsible for Patient Safety services and the TPSC CloudTM solution.

With this addition, Antares Consulting strengthens its positioning in the consulting services the firm offers to companies and public or private organizations in the health sector. Vanessa Asenjo joins the Policies and Health Services units and works on the development of products and services in relation to Patient Safety.

One of the products that make up the supply of Patient Safety services at the firm is the TPSC CloudTM, a solution for incident reporting and clinical risk management. The TPSC CloudTM is implemented in more than 450 healthcare organizations worldwide and in renowned hospitals in Spain such as the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, the Hospital of Santa Creui i Sant Pauy, and the 10 hospitals in the public network of Asturias. In addition, the entry of Vanessa Asenjo coincides with the start of the project implementation of the TPSC CloudTM that Antares Consulting is carrying out in more than 50 hospitals in the public network of Catalonia.  

Vanessa Asenjo has a degree and a Masters in ADE from ESADE and comes from USP Hospital where she had several positions such as Director of Quality and Director of Patient Care. Her professional backgroun is primarily in the health field and in areas related to patient quality, security, and care. She has also made periodic contributions in various industry publications, such as Medical Economics.

The addition of Vanessa is part of the determined growth strategy and attracting the best professionals that carry out Antares Consulting in the countries in which they are present. In this sense, Elena de Mingo has recently been incorporated, a former General Director of Planning Infrastructrue and Health Equipment at the Health Counseling Community of Madrid, she has joined the team at Antares Consulting as the Director of Health Policies and Services.

Source:Antares Consulting

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