A change in the contributions for medications will lead to a decrease in prescriptions.

The change of the pharmaceutical co-pay model, which comes into effect on July 1, will not only entail an increase in contributions from users in getting their medications in pharmacies, but also a decrease in the number of prescriptions. Both aspects should be added to the depreciation of the pharmacies, it is estimated that the total pharmaceutical market registered a decline of 13.5% after the Royal Decree 16/2012 came into effect.
Promoted by COFARES, the first pharmaceutical distribution group of Spain, presented the study on Friday, 'Direct and Indirect Economic Impact of RDL 16/2012 on the Pharmacy', elaborated by the firm Antares Consulting. In sight of the contents, the president of COFARES, Carlos González Bosch, ended the presentation with the comment that, from now on, it will be clearer to differentiate the public financing of expenditures on drugs.
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Source:Acta Sanitaria
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