Santa Casa (Brazil) Will Receive International Consulting


Thanks to the credibility gained during almost 161 years of existence, the Santa Casa de Maceió (Brazil) was chosen to implement an integration project of the internal logistic chain, an initiative to ensure the best way of buying medications and the proper use of them.

The project was presented to the supplier of Santa Casa, Humberto Gomes de Melo, and to the board of directors of the instituion by the president of Bionexo, Mauricio Barbosa, and the president of Antares Consulting, Eduard Portella, companies that will be responsible for accompanying the implementation stages and execution of the project.

Eduard Portella gave a brief presentation of the steps to consolidate the expected benefits. According to him, the expectation is a cost reduction by 15%. A similar project is already developed in other countries, and the reduction of excessive spending was reached. Now, for the first time, it will be implemented in Brazil, in the Santa Casa of Maceió. The institution was chosen in deference by the president of Bionexo from over 600 companies that use the platform of purchase.

"We decided to invest in a client and chose Santa Casa since it is an institution in which we have a lot of confidence in, an example of management in the country. We look for a referral hospital in this area to further enhance the benefits," said Mauricio Barbosa.

The integration project of the internal logistic chain that will be implemented in Santa Casa will be conducted by six professional consultants of Antares Consulting, and the monitoring of Bionexo. In total there will be two months of work.

The stages of execution have been divided into three parts. The first is the collection of information, the second is the diagnosis of the current situation, and the third is the adoption of efficiency measures and the evaluation of impact.

The supplier Humberto Gomes of Mello, has stressed the importance of the initiative, highlighting the results achieved through the agreement with Bionexo. "I am sure that it will work because I think that there is still a lot to do despite all that we have accomplished so far. The results obtained with Bionexo lead us to think that this experience can spread throughout the country, " he said. 

Source:Tribuna Hoje
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