The Pharmacy will not Reach 40% of Sales in Spite of the Defunding of Medications.



  • Only Baleares, with 39.6% of sales not funded approaches the figure offered by Antares to maintain the sustainability of the pharmacy.
  • The sale of OTC accounts for 39% of total sales, although communities like País Vasco or Andalucía are found below this


Any soluion that is reputable does not fall from heaven or the ministry and the defunding of drugs has not been the exception that confirms the rule. The 458 million euros that will save the SNS in medications will come out of your pockets next September, accounting for 10% of the current OTC market, a percentage that will not directly affect the profit margins of pharmacies.

According to Antares Consulting, the scale that must handle the pharmacy to be feasible from an economic point of view lies in which at least 40% of sales comes from nonfunded products, a maximum of 50% in dependent medications of the SNS, and around 10% for additional pharmaceutical services. To approximate the expected results of de-funding the current market of consumer health, the results leave a bleak picture for the pharmacies.


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Source:El Global
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