"Know how to exploit your pharmacy services and 'merchandising"



Two experts in management, Francesc Máñez, managing partner of Q-Max Consulting SL, and Rafael Borrás, director of Pharmacy Antares Consulting, will star Make the most of your pharmacy, the fourth and final day organizing free face CF this year and Teva.


The appointment will be at the headquarters of the College of Pharmacists of Sevilla, on 26 November, and attendance is open to all pharmacists who want to participate, first-served basis.


" We will try to make an entertaining and participatory day, all in fun "," CF Máñez explained, that address three key issues for the good management of a pharmacy: know your customer, know the product and know the retail space . "" With the coming of internet selling point is not just physical "," the director of the company management expert.


Also be launched to pharmacists assistants questions with the intention of creating a dialogue or discussion, such as: How does the pharmacist to your customers? How are called: customers, patients ...? How is the relationship with their suppliers? ... "" While we also feed back their proposals "" says Máñez, since pharmacists who attend this course "" usually professionals eager to learn and share knowledge, ideas and know '"he says.



Moreover, it will address the issue of portfolio of services in the pharmacy, which will develop Rafael Borrás: " I will present case studies and specific services, such as anti-snuff '"he says.


Borrás opinion is that "" the pharmacy is located in a difficult situation and need to reorient the service and seek new business frameworks"". Thus, this type of training courses and initiatives "are critical because is necessary to find new ways to finance  the service "," he adds.


Both speakers agreed to lead the journey from a practical and participatory way for all professionals who attend the event can then transfer that knowledge to your pharmacy.

Open and free


The registration period is open for any pharmacist willing to share and learn. You can send an email to:

[email protected], writing on the subject "" Assistance to the session "" with your contact information, or visiting: www.correofarmaceutico.com. You can also call to 902 99 67.Sevilla hosts the November 26 sesion from CF and Teva

Source:Correo Farmacéutico
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