Cataluña is preparing a healthcare risk register



A projected, granted to Antares Consulting and Áliad that will lead to a standardized notification and management of adverse effects.



The Health department of the ‘Generalitat’ is preparing a healthcare risk register for the complete Catalan territory. The project consists of non-punitive notification and management of errors and a self-learning and continuous improvement system for the acute care hospitals. The technical support is provided by Antares Consulting and Áliad (expert in EFQM).

According Josep Davins, Deputy General Manager of the Health Services, this project is the prolongation of the so-called  ‘Alliance for patient safety’ led by the Fundación Avedis Donabedian (FAD). This foundation won, in 2009, the public tender to create functional units to manage the patient safety in 20 hospitals (finally 23). In 2010 a self-developed notification system (with help of the Health Ministry) was implemented.

At the end of last year (2011) a tender was published to extend the program to all public hospitals of Cataluña. This tender has been won by Antares and Áliad, with a Dutch software platform, TPSC Cloud™. All 69 hospitals have joined this proyect voluntarily. After the analysis and training fase the hospitals have started using the new software tool. Hospital Clinic and Sant Pau, located in Barcelona, Spain, already successfully tested the tool.

“The platform, financed by ‘Salud’, gives very usefull information on micro level (for the hospitals) as well as on macro level (strategy of the Health Department); 40 centrers will be using the platform, but we’re expecting to implement at 90% of the network. The rest will be asked for aggregated information to complete the risk register for the whole territory”, explained Davins.

Eduard Portella, General Manager of Antares, specified, “We want to secure a minimum for all, but not slowing down the more progressive centrers”. This platform allows to standardize but also to personalize; so each centre can adapt the system to their own needs to meet their own objectives.

Julio González, General Manager of Áliad, stated that the 23 hospitals, which joined the inicial proyect, are more advanced, but the new tool will satisfy al. The tool is very complete and very practical.

A unique software platform

The proyect base applied by all Catalan hospitals is the TPSC Cloud™ for patient safety and risk management, The TPSC Cloud™ includes notification of incidents, their analysis and management, the definition, planning and monitoring of improvement actions and document management, which facilitates the creation, management, and updating of healthcare related documents. The application is also in use within the health centrers of Asturias.

A proyect with six objectives

Eduard Portella, Antares Consulting, summarizes the six specific objectives of the proyect:

• Define a patient safety model based on EFQM.
• Develop the functional safety units at all Catalan Centers.
• Implement standard methodology and indicators to monitor and improve the results.
• Adopt best practices.
• To have an integral management system of centers and health department.
• Train key professionals.


Source:Diario Médico
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