Antares Consulting publishes the report: Rethinking hospital: drivers of change and innovative responses



The Policy Unit and health services from Antares Consulting has announced the release of its new report Rethinking hospital: drivers of change and innovative responses.

At a crucial moment in the living two crises, the health and the economic model, the report aims to provide food for thought to a possible evolution of the hospital and its role in the healthcare system, making a special effort to see that these changes reflected in both directions.

It also takes a realistic approach to integrate together, a number of innovations are already in place in different international models of care.

The work aims to contribute to the reflection and, with it, the consolidation of a sector vital to the development and progress of our society, both from the point of view of health care and from the point of view of the creation and boost economic activity.

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Source:Antares Consulting
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Publication  January 28, 2020
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