Antares Consulting celebrates the 5th edition of the conference Healthcare Management in Times of Crisis

Madrid, January 31, 2013. - Antares Consulting has held in Madrid, for the 5th consecutive year, the session "Health Management in Times of Crisis", dedicated this time to the new players and new strategies in the health sector. The event has had four different roundtables were key opinion leaders has participated.. The conference has received more than 300 professionals and managers.
The contents of the tables have been about action strategies of new entrants, the evolution and development of shared services in the healthcare environment and the hiring of services venture.
In the roundtables gave insights on identifying innovative strategies that improve the efficiency of health services.
For example, roundtables talked about how the sharing of services between hospitals can generate cost reductions of nearly 50% in radiology services and 70% in laboratory. It also has identified new ways of purchasing called "venture" between the buyer and the pharmacy industry and health technology suppliers, creating efficiencies and access to new technologies for the patient.
It has developed a final roundtable with the notable presence of Director of Health of Catalonia and Castilla La Mancha. The purpose of this final roundtable was to illustrate how governments are facing and preparing to manage these new scenarios in which the administration must necessarily play a larger role and create decisive regulation.
Antares Consulting wanted with this new edition to provide an independent view, giving voice to the new players and traditional players, being able to undertake new forms of management.

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