The Antares Consulting conference on Patient Safety finish with a big attendance

Madrid, February 1st, 2013. - Under the title "The Patient Safety in complex healthcare organizations",  Antares Consulting has conducted a conference  in which experts in Patient Safety field shared insights with a high practical and realistic sense, on policies and measures to promote a culture of Patient Safety among health professionals, to promote health organizations safer and more efficient.

Eduard Portella, president of Antares Consulting, talked about "the importance of proactive policies to counter the possible risk of leaving and trivializating certain aspects involved with a direct or indirect impact on the quality and safety  care."
Johnny Sijm, International Business Manager at The Patient Safety Company, has presented led policy developments in the Netherlands in recent years and how they have fostered a culture of safety among professionals. In this regard, he made a demo of a Management Platform for Patient Safety, TPSC Cloud TM implanted in more than 500 healthcare organizations worldwide.
Dr. Josep Davins, Deputy Director General of Health Services presented the project of the Health Department on the creation of "Patient Safety functional units " that Antares Consulting developed and implemented in 70 hospitals; "the project was welcomed by all hospitals and they developed a common scorecard  that help us to identify areas of improvement."


Dr. Itziar Larizgoitia, Head of the Patient Safety Innovation of the World Health Organization (WHO): "Patient Safety must be a priority in health systems "and highlighted six success factors for policies in this area that are effective:" Leadership, Partnerships, the importance of data and feedback to practitioners, education, teamwork  and incentives ". Also was present Dr. Aranaz, Professor of Preventive Medicine at the University Miguel Hernández in Alicante, who has participated in the concluding round of questions talking about the importance of three key aspects in Patient Safety Policies: "define and establish ethical arguments in Patient Safety, promote good practices among professionals and implement efficiency policies."
The closing  roundtable talked about that organizational and management strategies are necessary for Patient Safety, and that is a common issue among managers and health priority in the current economic environment. The round was integrated by Dr. Alberto Pardo, Sub-Director of Health, at Madrid Health Service which talked about "the importance of the deployment of strategies throughout the whole organization in  medium and long term and the importance of the professionals commitment in the entire process implementation. "Dr. Celia Garcia, Director of Hospital Rey Juan Carlos of Móstoles (Capio Group) shown the Capio Group clinical quality and safety strategie and Dr. José María Ruiz Ortega, President of AEGRIS (Spanish Association of Healthcare Risk Management) who underlined the "need to manage clinical risks in a comprehensive and gradual way, and the importance of achieving individual and collective commitment of all health professionals. "

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