FACE is a methodology developed by Antares Consulting to generate knowledge in areas specializing in the health sector, mobilizing professionals and helping them to adopt models of clinical excellence.


The strength of the methodology is based on principles such as: integration, clinical practice, knowledge, and cooperation.

 Hense the slogan chosen is:

  • Integrating experiences
  • Generating knowledge




Knowledge management in health services.

In the environment of the Spanish health system, knowledge is generated continuously. However, the exchange of concrete experiences and cooperative learning takes place in a framework in which everything moves too fast and simultaneously so you lose a great opportunity to share and learn.


In short, we are in a very innovative learning environment which causes:

  • No value place on initiatives of great interest.
  • Are unaware of initiatives started and do not take advantage of lessons learned from others.
  • Only certain cooperative groups have continuity.
  • Do not use Knowledge Management tools properly.



  1. Identify the group with which we will develop the project. Allows us to collaborate with KOLs or leaders in the shade. We can create an Advisory Board if they think fit.
  2. Select the type of content you wish to share. The choice is completely flexible and adaptable to the needs of both the sponsor and the selected target group.
  3. Identify specific experiences in this direction. We seek professionals who can provide expertise and who are willing to participate in the project. We generate a "core asset" that reinforces their professional role.
  4. Design and develop workshops through an appropriate dynamic. In a one-day participatory workshop, we extract the content that allows for further diffusion.
  5. We  build content. Our team is responsible for drafting and validation participants.
  6. Spread the knowledge. We use three types of flexible formats that use the full spectrum of knowledge management tools.
  • Written documents of different nature:
    •  Case Studies
    •  Reports
  • Meeting attendance: Information
  • Digital Media:
    • Content websites. Useful information. Content Repositories
    • Dynamic Websites. Data exchange, prospective studies, clinical management
    • Web 2.0. Professional networks sharing and innovation, communicating with each other
  1. Generate a clinical practice “Network" to continue to genere knowledge. The continuity of the initiative should provide great value to the group, which must be visible and recognized by them.



FACE uses 4 elements:

  • Strengthening the role of professionals
  • Supporting their experiences
  • Cooperating with KOL's
  • Extending specialty knowledge and clinical practice to the group selected


At Antares Consulting we have developed methodologies to identify, share, and spread knowledge in the specialities environment and areas of knowledge in the medicinal-pharmaceutical field.

Our experience in over 30 projects of this type, while collaborating with more than 20 areas of specialites and expertise has allowed us to use about 15 management tools and techniques to spread knowledge about Knowledge Managament.

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