PROMED (MEDical PROductivity)

PROMED is a methodology for analyzing the productivity of hospital care resources designed by Antares Consulting, which helps to adapt the template of medical services to the healthcare activity generated.


PROMED has been developed as a useful tool for planning and manaing professional resources:


  • Productivity analysis for hospital and faculty services.
  • Identification and monitoring of performance rates per service.
  • Estimated number of faculty required for service.
  • Definition and analysis of management scenarios and planning for: 
    • Sizing templates.
    • Definition of functional plans (allocation of medical resources).
    • Management of Objectives
    • Balance of resources between hospitals.
    • Redefinition of supply
    • Management of waiting lists.
    • Redirection of demand flows.


  • Robust and consistent methodology.
  • Quantitative approach.
  • Oriented Implementation.
  • Tested and validated methodology.
  • Computerized model that allows the design of dynamic scenarios


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