Technical Office for ScoreCard Management

Increasingly, organizations responsible that are responsible for the programs and services, especially public organizations, are focusing their efforts on the creation, design, and control of the results.


The process of monitoring scorecards is often a task of low reliability in which the organization exhausts their resources to produce the data without analyzing them.

Antares Consulting offers expertise and experience of its professionals to manage the process of collection, processing, analysis, and the construction of the scorecards on a continuous basis.

Our collaboration can be limited to the production of the socrecards or it can be accompanied by other value-added features from those usually employed in management consulting.

The production of scorecards can be completed with a software management scorecard: The QPR SocreCard is a tool that is an international leader in the management of scorecards that uses the Balanced Scorecard methodology.


  • Reliability in the frequency
  • Rigor in the centralized data management and reporting
  • Traceability of data
  • Standardization and unification of criteria for interpretation
  • Expert knowledge
  • Configuration, management, and maintenance of software and hardware
  • Support and facilitation of tasks
  • Analysis of information for decision making
  • Preparation of technical documents

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