PODA (Planning Optimization Dynamic Assistance) is a web tool designed for the planning of social services and long-term care.


PODA ® is a Web tool designed by Antares Consulting that helps planners in making decisions. It allows the construction of different scenarios based on demand / supply variables and cost / funding of services.

It is based on the Balance of Care methodology, which Antares Consulting has the exclusive use and development of in Spain which takes the needs of people as the starting point of the model and plans the necessary services defined by different options of care. The definition of care options can draw different scenarios and identify the economic impact of planning policies to define strategies and medium term financing.


  • Web environment: no installation necessary and allows different users access to the tool.
  • Dynamic Tool: enables continuous updating of data and automatic generation of results.
  • Web Usability
  • Automatic generation of reports: supply and current and future costs, actual and necessary resources, people and profile service attended by current and future care options defined, total cost and service profile, service financing.

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