Itinerary and guidelines for pharmacotherapeutic follow-up of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis




This document constitutes a novel effort to develop and formalize, for the first time, both the description of the itinerary that the patient follows with IPF, as well as a series of recommendations and tools that allow for improvements in that care process. To achieve this objective, a working methodology based on cooperation between pneumologists and hospital pharmacists has been proposed, both in the approach and in the development of the contents of the document. This has made it possible to reach a consensus on a series of recommendations and proposals to be taken into consideration.


In this document, three objectives are pursued:


  • Propose a methodology of cooperative work between the pneumologist and the hospital pharmacist, to facilitate the complex pharmacotherapeutic follow-up of patients with this pathology.
  • Share experiences to stimulate the cooperation of the hospital pharmacist with the pneumologist.
  • Establish the route of the patient with IPF, drawing the main care processes in the Disease Management of this pathology that allow to optimize the results in health of patients with IPF "


Full report (in spanish)


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