In Vitro Diagnosis today: a paradigm shift in the quality of life and the process of patient care


Current society is aware of the enormous contribution of health care to the quality of life of citizens. Indicators such as cancer survival or the "chronification" of diseases with a poor prognosis, such as HIV infection, demonstrate the great transformative power of current medicine. And this is attributed in large part to the improvement in the techniques of diagnosis and treatment of the disease.


In Vitro Diagnosis has a relevant role in the prevention, prediction, diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic control, being a key element of the health process. But it remains "unknown" to broad sectors of the system.


In this study the following topics are addressed


  • The IVD as an unknown sector that allows innovation in health care
  • The qualitative leap in health care
  • The paradigm shift for patients, professionals and the health system
  • The barriers to the development of the IVD


 Full report (in spanish)



FENIN, Antares Consulting

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