IMID. A shared mission

Practical guide for the implantation of an healthcare model for the comprehensive care of people with diseases IMID


Report prepared for AbbVie whose objective is to offer a support aimed to managers and health professionals for the implementation of an Healthcare Model for the comprehensive care of people with IMID diseases. It is a sufficiently flexible guide so that it can be adapted to different environments.


In addition, the report aims to contribute to:

  • Sensitize the main agents of the health and social sector of the need to carry out a comprehensive care of patients with IMID.
  • Encourage cooperation and coordination of the different health professionals involved in the care process.
  • Improve health outcomes and the experience of patients with IMID

The report includes topics on clinical management processes, as well as dimensioning, indicators, governance and the implementation of the healthcare model.


As a final point, 10 recommendations are made to ensure success in the implementation of the proposed healthcare model.


Full report (in spanish)


Antares Consulting, AbbVie

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