Value-Based HealthCare: from theory to action


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More than a decade ago, Michael Porter introduced the Value-Based HealthCare concept (known by its acronym VBHC). The main contribution of the VBHC is summarized in orienting the care practice towards those activities that generate the best results in health or possible outcomes, that are relevant for the patient and for each unit of expense produced.


Traditionally, medicine has been based on the evaluation of care actions practically separately, evaluating its effectiveness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Evidence-based medicine is based on these principles, as well as the approach from the world of health economics. More recently, a great emphasis has been placed on the safety of such sanitary acts, and on the relevance or adequacy of each assistance act (right care movement).

However, the focus of the VBHC emphasizes the overall result of the whole process of care performed on people or patients (partial or complete recovery of the state of health, recovery process and health sustainability recovered). And this is done in relation to the efforts made (set of costs incurred to achieve these results).


In a short time, a broad consensus has been generated on the need to guide the health system and its care organizations towards the generation of value. The diffusion and absorption of the VBHC concept is already very broad; however, we are still in a phase of conceptual approach to the subject.


But after more than a decade, we still have difficulties landing operationally the VBHC concept in organizations and healthcare systems. Surely, the most relevant initiative at the moment is part of the International Consortium for Healthcare Outcomes Mesurements, which proposes sets of indicators by care processes in order to measure the relevant outcomes for the patient.


The objective of this document is to provide some practical guidance to start implementing the VBHC concept to our organizations, taking small but effective steps to start implementing it. It will address how to start measuring value, in a context where at the moment activities are measured: what indicators are relevant, but also how to collect them. And once the value is defined from the perspective of the patient, how we redesign the healthcare process to get closer to this objective. Finally, we will address how to introduce the notion of value in the processes of purchasing medicines and health technology.


Full report (in spanish)


Antares Consulting:Joan Barrubés, Ladislao Honrubia, Marta de Vicente, Almudena Nake, Laura Sopeña, Carles Vilardell, Esteban Carrillo, Lluis Triquell, Eduard Portella

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