Flash Trends: The Spanish Market for Profit-Making Private Clinics. Facts and Trends.


These flash trends focus on the market analysis of private clinics in Spain. Specifically, we focus on the evolution of sales growth, business models, profitability, and ownership structure in the segment of profit-making private clinics with hospitalization. These are thus excluded from the analysis of charitable private clinics and outpatient private clinics.

Of the 803 hospitals that exist in Spain, 39.5% of them are profit-making private clinics, accounting for 19.4% of total hospital beds. The hospital sector (public and private) in Spain was estimated to be 40.691 million euros in the year of 2010, of which 14.7% (5.965 million euros) corresponds to the private clinics in this study.


Barrubés, Joan; Mellado, José Carlos; Antares Consulting

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