Accreditation Model of Care Services for the Elderly in a Situation of Dependency

Service model and basic conditions for accreditation in Spain


Document prepared by Antares Consulting, the Dependency Commission, and the Age&Life Foundation.


The report presents a proposed model of accreditation for residential care and day centers.


Based on the current legal framework and analyzing different models of contrasting international accreditation, this accreditation model is clearly aimed at assessing the results in attention to the users. The model is structured around the different types of services and intensity levels of dependence and includes specific proposals for implementation, taking into account the degree of development of the existing accreditation models and the state of maturity of the sector.


This is a dynamic model, whose implementation is raised in phases, and we trust will be useful to the public authorities for ordination in the sector and ensure excellence in the quality of care.



Antares Consulting, Fundación Edad&Vida

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