Clinical Management

Supported by the best scientific evidence at the moment and with the participation of professionals for decision making, clinical management allows the systemization and ordering of processes of healthcare to be efficient and appropriate.   

Clinical management is the management of care processes with orientation to the organizations patient and the allocation of decision making services, giving clinicians more responsibility. Surely for the clinicians it is the recovery of an appropriate space to acquire the necessary leadership to direct their services and for the managers it is a commitment of the clinicians in efficient resource management and control of health expenditure through the implementation of the contracts. Responsibility for the proper management of the centers and units is the responsibility of the managers, just at is the responsibility of the doctors to make good clinical responsibilities and nursing staff to provide good care.

Our projects range from the definition and design of models to its practical application, seeking greater involvement of professionals in decision-making, reducing variability in clinical practice, promoting the use of clinical information, optimizing the use of resources, ensuring technical efficiency, economic, financial, and finally, strengthening the culture of quality improvement and safety of care processes and patient satisfaction.

Examples of Clinical Management projects we have developed:


  • Service Plans
  • Patient Safety and Risk Management
  • Model for Chronically Ill Patients
  • Development of clinical areas
  • Care models

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