Infrastructure and Equipment

In the design of new health infrastructure it must work for a human hospital and be accessible, geared to the needs and preferences of patients, engaging and rewarding for the professionals, integrated with the rest of assistive devices and their community, efficient, decisive, safe, innovative, flexible and sustainable, and respectful of the environment.

It is therefore necessary to know the daily operation of a hospital, the needs, demands, and preferences of patients and their families as well as the needs of professionals.

Furthermore, in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment, public action should be characterized by the pursuit of more flexible forms of assistance:


  • separating the roles of management and delivery of care and
  • analyzing the benefits of private sector participation, both in the construction of health infrastructures and the management of services.


On the other hand, the importance of technology in care, cost, and shortening the life cycle increases the need to plan and efficiently manage medical technology. From Antares Consulting, we offer timely support and continued support to health institutions in all aspects of planning, evaluation, acquisition, management, utilization, and maintenance of medical technology.

Examples of projects we develop in this area:


  • Master space plans
  • Plan functional space
  • Opening and relocation plans
  • Equipment plans
  • Dimensioning and planning of medical technology
  • Acquisition, management, and use of equipment
  • Management of medical technology maintenance

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