Information systems and Technologies

Information systems have become essential tools for clinical practice, but also for decision making. Scorecards, incident reporting and risk management, process management, cost analysis, traceability, etc. are all necessary in health centers.

In addition, web technology offers immense possibilities for healthcare organizations to interact with other players in the system: patients, professionals, suppliers, partners, colleagues, etc.

At Antares Consulting we are able to capture their needs and propose a single or integrated solution. Our technical team can design, develop, and schedule any type of application using mobile or Web.

Examples of solutions and products related to information systems and new technologies:


  • Tools and scorecard solutions (QPR ScoreCard)
  • Tools and solutions for design and process management (QPR ProcessGuide)
  • Tools and solutions for process costs and analytical accounting (CostPerform)
  • Virtual Communities, Knowledge portals and content management, online applications and web 2.0 communities
  • Identificating systems, data capture, position / location, access control and traceability
  • System log of incidents and clinical risk management (TPSC Cloud™) 

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